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Online Support for Transition to Practice

Transition to Practice

Each training course on this website aims to provide support for newly licensed nurses transitioning to practice or to licensed nurses transitioning to a new practice setting. The goals of these courses are: 1) to improve retention of new nurses; 2) to improve patient safety by assisting new nurses in transitioning from task orientation to critical thinking; and 3) to increase new nurses’ comfort level with prioritizing care and applying the techniques introduced in their educational programs.

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All of these training courses are free and we encourage you to invite others to visit this website. You may choose to take any course that interests you independent of the other trainings offered on this website. If you wish to receive free nursing Contact Hours, you must complete the entire training course for which you are seeking Contact Hours, receive a passing score on the quizzes, and finish the evaluation. Please see the User Manual for additional information about nursing Contact Hours. Once you meet the minimum requirements, you may request to receive nursing Contact Hours on the course transcript page. If you do not wish to receive nursing Contact Hours, you will have the option to print your course transcript to confirm completion of a course. You may save your progress and complete each training course in multiple sessions.

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Communication in Healthcare

The Communication in Healthcare course describes the importance of effective communication in healthcare settings and provides critical thinking exercises that allow nurses to practice applying a variety of communication techniques, including SBAR, OARS, TeamSTEPPS©, and DESC.

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Safety in Healthcare

The Safety in Healthcare course describes the importance of safe patient care, offers strategies for engaging patients and families in care processes, and provides critical thinking exercises that allow nurses to practice identifying examples of adverse situations, human factors associated with errors, and safe team practices.

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Evidence-Based Practice

The Evidence-Based Practice course describes the importance of evidence-based practice (EBP), offers strategies for applying EBP, and provides critical thinking exercises to practice finding sources of evidence within their practice setting, identifying facilitators and barriers to EBP implementation, and applying EBP to clinical scenarios.